A poet once said:

“The Whole Universe is in a Glass of Wine…”

and Richard Phillips Feynman , explains ……../ Nobel Prize in Physics (1965)


Kokkinos Stavros

First bottling for Kokkinos Winery in 2009 and the journey in the wine world has begun!!!

Stavros Kokkinos is a first-generation winemaker and vine grower. His family was involved in growing peaches and apples. At some point his father built the first poultry farm in Imathia, which was housed in the present site of the distillery. Stavros, however, did not wish to continue his family work, but began to dream of his own vineyard and his own wine.

Vineyards were purchased, new spaces were added, older ones were modified and the journey began.
It has never ceased to be difficult… but at the same time it’s so captivating!

To this day we continue to create, experiment, dream of the next bottle, the next tasting!
Every vintage and every wine making is a bigger bet for an even better outcome!

Three roosters are the winery’s logo… a tribute to the grandfather’s professional endeavor with the poultry farm… but also a reference point for the three sons who are about to enter the same boat!

Welcome to Kokkinos Winery!!!


Kokkinos Winery

Since that first moment I dreamed of making my own wine… I started counting the years that pass by with vintage! Vintage in the home of Xinomavro … in the cradle of diva or prima donna of the Greek vineyard! Each year and a great bet for better results, for new discoveries. Managing such an idiosyncratic grape is a life set goal and my passion. I like to put in a bottle of Kokkinos or Palikalias the dynamic Xinomavro and wait for years for a multi-level wine, refined, but also full of strong emotions and surprises… and above all with a modern twist!