Pink Rooster

Rose Dry Wine 100% Xinomavro P.G.I Vintage 2019
Rose wine with colour type of Provence, from a vineyard located within the estate of the Winery at 450m. altitude with South East orientation. A demanding vinification which requires deep knowledge and will. Immediately after the harvest, the pulp is put in stainless steel air-cooled tanks, after which the must is separated from the grapes. It is in this time that natural dyes are giving the colour. In the palate of dry, with medium body, and fine fruity aromatic character. Delicate acidity, which balances perfectly with the imperceptible sweetness. Pink Rooster’s big advantage is that it can easily be drunk as an aperitif all the way to dessert, and be paired with almost all the dishes that will be served in a meal, especially during the spring and summer months. It is especially loved by all the herbs, basil, oregano, mint etc.

Barrel: No
Serving Temperature: 9-12 ℃
Ageing Strength: It does not undergo though the ageing process. It is always being enjoyed fresh.
Food pairing: It is a wine that can accompany beautiful fish dishes, as well as meat dishes and pasta. A superb combination with Asian and Chinese cuisine.
Name of Origin: P.G.I Imathia